Northern Lights, Caribou and Muskox - Tundra Photography Tour - Nunavut, Canada
A Spectacular Opportunity to Photograph Canada's Extreme North during Fall Colours and Prime Aurora Borealis Season

Join John for a Tundra Photo Tour in Thelon Country in the remote northern wilderness of Nunavut, Canada
Trip Departure Point: Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada (via Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Trip Dates: August 27 - September 3, 2010
(NOTE: trip is no longer available)
Trip Cost: $3995 Cdn + gst (single occupancy), $7500 Cdn + gst (double occupancy)

Availability: Contact John now if you are interested in 2012 Tundra Tours!

Grizzly Bear Photo Tours by John E. Marriott
Wildlife we may see and get to photograph include ptarmigan, snow geese, and barrenground caribou - All tundra wildlife photography (c) John E. Marriott

A wildlife and nature photographer's dream trip to the northern tundra, home of the barrenground caribou, muskox, tundra wolf, and grizzly bear. We will fly into a remote camp operated by the most trusted adventure outfit in Nunavut for six full days on the tundra photographing caribou, muskox, ptarmigan, fox, fall colours, northern lights, and an unbelievable waterfowl migration. This is one of the trips I'm most looking forward to this year!

Participants can expect to encounter caribou in full winter pelage, along with musk-oxen herds, migratory waterfowl like snow geese and sandhill cranes, rich autumn colors, and if we're lucky with the weather, some fantastic displays of northern lights! The area is also host to a variety of rare species like peregrine falcon, gyrfalcon, tundra grizzlies, tundra wolves, and wolverine, so we may get even luckier and spot one of these elusive predators. We may also have a chance to photograph seals and even beluga whales on the rivers.

The company I am contracting with for this trip has hosted Galen Rowell, Art Wolfe, and a host of big-name professional wildlife and nature photographers over the years intent on photographing the best that the barrenlands have to offer. This is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime spectacular trip to the edge of the Thelon, some of Canada's wildest arctic terrain!

From Baker Lake in Nunavut, we'll be either chartering a boat or flying in on a small float plane (depending on where we need to get to) to a remote but comfortable base camp with one of Canada's most respected and experienced northern outfitters. Each year, they set up a camp with private sleeping tents along with dining and shower facilities on the edge of the Thelon wilderness in the path of the migrating caribou. Caribou and muskox are often seen right in camp.

If there isn't wildlife around camp, we'll be travelling up and down the rivers by boat, or on land by foot, to photograph the incredible scenery and abundant wildlife. Participants can expect to hike a few kilometres per day with their camera gear. We may also utilize temporary 'spike camps', one-night tent camps set up specifically to get us closer to the action if we find a great wildlife opportunity nearby that can't be passed up.

This is a very limited trip, with only six participants plus myself. We will be concentrating solely on photographing nature from dawn until dusk, so this tour is geared towards the intermediate to advanced wildlife and nature photographer (though spouses that love nature are also more than welcome and will love the trip).

Participants are expected to arrive in Baker Lake at least one day prior to the trip's departure on August 27th. We will be meeting for dinner in Baker Lake on the evening of the 26th, then leaving at 8:30 a.m. on the 27th to fly in to the camp. The trip will return to Baker Lake on September 3rd at approximately 10:00 a.m., weather-permitting. We suggest you book rooms in Baker Lake for the nights of August 26th and September 3rd, flying in and out of the small northern town on the 26th and September 4th.

This trip does not include flights to and from Baker Lake. Flights to Baker Lake are available at a reduced rate for tour participants from Churchill, Manitoba, or Winnipeg, Manitoba. The trip also does not include meals or accommodations in Baker Lake, other than dinner on August 26th with myself and the rest of the tour participants.

This trip requires a moderate level of fitness and will involve some moderate hiking (2-5 kms per day). Maximum six participants (plus John).

All Canadian Wildlife Photography Tours are non-smoking tours.

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