Canadian Wildlife and Nature Photography Workshops

I teach a very limited number of wildlife and nature photography workshops geared specifically towards beginner and intermediate nature photographers. Unlike my photo tours, where I'm there to get great photos just like you are, I concentrate my attention in my workshops on you. They are designed to give you as much photo instruction as you desire and to make you a better photographer. However, the workshops are also intended to get you into some great situations with a variety of wildlife and landscapes in the hopes that you'll not only learn a lot, but also come away from them with some phenomenal images.

I am offering one fall wildlife photography workshop for October 2015. I also expect to be adding one or more winter wildlife photography workshops for February 2016. All of these workshops will be in Jasper National Park, with the first from October 25th-30th, 2015. There are a maximum of 5 spots available on each of these Jasper wildlife photography workshops, please read below for more information.

I am also offering my sixth (and seventh -- we've just added another set of dates!) amazing 3-night landscape and nature photography workshop in the Purcell Mountains via helicopter from August 2nd-5th and 5th-8th in 2015 at the peak of wildflower season at the Bugaboos Lodge in British Columbia with Canadian Mountain Holidays Summer Adventures (see below for more information). Note that the 2011-14 landscape photography workshops all sold out months ahead of time, so please contact CMH as soon as possible if you're interested in booking.

2015-16 Jasper National Park Wildlife and Nature Photography Workshops
Trip Departure Point: Jasper, Alberta, Canada
Trip Dates: October 25th-30th, 2015 (SOLD OUT)
and February 2016 (Dates to be determined)
Trip Cost: $2695 + gst (includes accommodation and some meals) ** Only five spots available on each workshop
Contact John to book now or Click for more information on the 2015-16 Jasper Wildlife Photography Workshops

Jasper Photography Workshop

Five days, five nights in the gorgeous Canadian Rockies photographing wildlife and spectacular scenery with professional wildlife and nature photographer John E. Marriott, author / photographer of the Canadian bestseller, Wildlife of the Canadian Rockies: A Glimpse at Life on the Wild Side. Boasting some of the world's largest bighorn sheep rams, an incomparable elk rut, a full range of wild predators, and spectacular mountain backdrops, Jasper is one of Canada's finest wildlife photography locations.

By late October in the fall, most of the park's crowds are again gone and as the days get shorter, the wildlife becomes more and more active in anticipation of winter. Workshop participants may get opportunities to photograph elk, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, mule deer, moose, coyotes, red fox, wolves, black bears, bald eagles, and more, in a variety of conditions. The primary focus of this workshop will be on enhancing your skills as a beginner or intermediate wildlife photographer while photographing wildlife throughout the park.

February participants will get to experience Jasper in all its winter glory. Very few visitors, gorgeous snow-clad vistas, and a chance to see some of Jasper's wilder inhabitants. At this time of year, packs of wild wolves range back and forth across the valley bottoms in search of elk, moose, deer, and bighorn sheep, and we will be concentrating in these valleys to maximize our opportunities. This workshop will have a special focus on those wolves, with an emphasis on how to track, find, and get good photographs of wild wolves. And while wolf sightings are not guaranteed, there are lots of big ungulates around to ensure that we do have plenty of wildlife practice subjects for the week, and we'll also have some superb landscape photo opportunities at sunrise and sunset. The primary focus of this workshop will be on enhancing your photographic skills as a beginner or intermediate wildlife photographer and on improving your ability to track and find wildlife, all while touring and photographing throughout the park each day.

Your workshop leader, John E. Marriott, is a former Parks Canada naturalist, wildlife viewing guide, and hiking guide. He is now considered to be one of Canada's premier wildlife and nature photographers and is the contributing editor for wildlife photography for Outdoor Photography Canada magazine. John has been photographing in Jasper National Park since 1992 and is an expert on where and when to find the park's wildlife.

Click for more information on the 2015-16 Jasper Wildlife Photography Workshops

CMH Summer Adventures Heli-Hiking Nature Photography Workshop at the Peak of Wildflower Season
Trip Departure Point: Banff, Alberta, Canada
Trip Dates: August 2-5, 2015 (just added, 2 of 10 spots available) and August 5-8, 2015 (1 of 10 spots available)

Trip Cost: $3325 + gst, all-inclusive from Banff
Click for more information on the CMH Heli-Hiking Nature Photography Workshop with John E. Marriott!

Bugaboos Wildflower Photography Workshop

Picture this: you're standing on the deck of a beautiful backcountry lodge and you look up at a towering rock spire in the distance, surrounded by glaciers and tarns and what looks like little pockets of wildflower meadows. You think to yourself, "Wow, that looks like it's a looooong ways away, I'd have to spend all week hiking to get there." But no, you'll get there the very next morning, because we'll fly right to the edge of that glacier, get off in the meadow and then wander around for a few hours taking photos until we decide to go visit another meadow in another distant valley with our own helicopter. It truly is as good as it sounds, after all, who wouldn't want to whisk in and out of flower-filled meadows and towering mountain peaks to take photographs wherever they desire?

View photos from the August 2011 Bugaboos Wildflower and Landscape Photography Workshop

View photos from the August 2012 Bugaboos Wildflower and Landscape Photography Workshop

View photos from the August 2013 Bugaboos Wildflower and Landscape Photography Workshop

I am excited to announce that I have teamed up once again with world famous Canadian Mountain Holidays to provide a sixth (and seventh!) heli-hiking nature photography workshop in the gorgeous Purcell Mountains of British Columbia. And once again, I'm partnering with the the vaunted heli-ski and heli-hiking giant for a truly exciting workshop at the peak of the Purcells' amazing wildflower season. You'll get to photograph stunning mountain scenery with vast carpets of wildflowers and learn all about the secrets of great landscape and wildflower photography. This is a fantastic and very unique opportunity at a great price -- where else can you find a nature photography workshop that features 10-12 helicopter flights into some of BC's most stunning and remote wilderness locatons!

This is a nature photography workshop for all levels, focused on making you a better landscape and nature photographer.  I will provide as much or as little instruction as you wish, allowing you to learn at your own pace. We will be combining great CMH hospitality at a beautiful backcountry lodge with unparalleled access to some of the Purcell mountains' most beautiful photo locations.

Note: The August 2011-14 workshops sold out months ahead of time, so please contact CMH immediately if you are interested in a 2015 spot.

This trip requires a moderate level of fitness and will involve a moderate amount (3-5 kms per day) of hiking. Maximum ten participants (plus John).

For more information, please contact Canadian Mountain Holidays Summer Adventures